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    ITerative Consulting is a technology-agnostic software engineering company that focuses on delivering expert consulting and leadership roles specifically in the areas of software architecture and agile software development methodologies. Our objective is, through the practical and cost-effective application of industry best practice software engineering disciplines, to reduce the risk in what are seen by the IT industry to be the highest risk technology projects - large, complex, enterprise-scale applications applying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and distributed computing paradigms. ITerative Consulting has an extensive background in developing these types of high risk projects across numerous industries. 

    Forté/UDS Migrations

    As a core activity of our business, ITerative has developed a Forté/SunUDS to Java/J2EE converter - jcTOOL - that has been universally recognised by the market as by far the most comprehensive solution available and has been used very successfully at many Forté/UDS customers globally. Our customers get their large Forté/UDS applications fully converted and into production in months, not years. Most of our customer undertake their migration projects in-house using small teams. With our jcTOOL-based Forté/UDS 100% conversions there is no need to offshore and lose control of the future of your applications.

    Our blue-chip customer list includes:

    Sun Microsystems, EDS, IBM, Marriott International, GMAC, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Sungard Energy Systems, St. George Bank, AsGard, Hewlett Packard, Centrelink, MediCare, Mazda, Ardatis, Allshare, Department of Education & Training NSW, Lumley General Insurance, Otago University, AXA Banque, BMO Financial Services, Frontline Limited, Kintetsu World Express, Public Employees Retirement System of Nevada, Credit du Maroc, Australian Stock Exchange, Sunlife Canada, TransUnion, Transport for London, Belguim Rail.

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