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    In today’s fast-paced software development industry, your competitive advantage relies on the ability of your development team to quickly provide a scalable, robust solution to your customers.  

    In order to ensure the success of your team, you have chosen J2EE and JAVA as the most open and powerful application development environment in the world. Now, you need to make sure that your developers have every possible advantage to deliver the high quality applications that your customers expect. In order to help your development team quickly understand and apply advanced J2EE concepts, ITerative Consulting has introduced the J2EE FastTRAK Program.  

    The J2EE FastTRAK Program is customised to work with specific functionality and deliverables from your real project. So the end result is that the development team will have worked a small functional increment through the entire development lifecycle. 

    Designed and delivered by seasoned Consultants, this intensive five to ten day program gives your developers the solid foundation of knowledge and hands-on experience that they need to hit the ground running.

    The ITerative Consulting J2EE FastTRAK Program enables your team to leverage the experience gained from successfully delivering solutions to customers in Australia and around the world.

    A Cornerstone for Success

    The J2EE FastTRAK Program enables your team to:    

      Improve productivity
    We’ll help your developers to quickly understand advanced J2EE concepts through just-in-time skill application.

      Create a solid foundation
    We’ll give your team the tools needed for repeatable development practices, such as code review and deployment checklists, design and analysis guidelines, sample automated scripts, whilst applying J2EE Best Practices.

      Develop applications with confidence
    Your team will build an application where they apply the concepts they have learned, experiencing the full life-cycle of a J2EE project. 

    J2EE FastTRAK Program Content

    The J2EE FastTRAK Program guides your team through the complete application development lifecycle with particular emphasis on pragmatic techniques for design, quality assurance and testing. 

    The J2EE FastTRAK Program introduces your team to the proven J2EE Design Patterns. Your team will capitalize on the experience of the J2EE FastTRAK Program instructors who fully understand the benefits and costs of using the design patterns, and how to successfully implement them in projects with diverse business and technical requirements. 

    The J2EE FastTRAK Program introduces and explains J2EE specific concepts. It also teaches your team to utilize fully advanced J2EE and JAVA features that affect the performance and scalability of your application.


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