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  • Forté/UDS Migration Project Start-up Service

    ITerative Consulting now offers a bundled service to assist customers in starting up their Forté/UDS migration projects. ITerative Consulting has delivered successful Forté/UDS conversions for many customers and is now offering our collective experience to new customers wanting to undertake Forté/UDS migrations in-house to enable them to fast-track their projects.

    The service encapsulates the significant experience and intellectual property that ITerative has gained over the several years in converting Forté/UDS applications and assisting customer migration projects. The services include start-up workshops, detailed planning documents, recommended processes and on-site technical and project management services.

    Key objectives for the project start-up services include:

    • Instant project start-up – no resources wasted deciding “where to start” and “what to do next”
    • Knowledge transfer to team – benefit from our collective experience
    • Minimise risk – scope and deliver key functional scenarios upfront
    • Entrench a repeatable process – implement an agile delivery approach

    The specific deliverables provided by the service include:

    • Start-up workshop to gather input required for elaboration phase plan
    • Define required resources, roles and infrastructure to start project
    • On-site technical consulting to assist in-house team

    Our team works alongside your technical team and migration project manager to ensure that your migration plan is properly informed and that your full migration project will proceed smoothly.

    The services are flexibly customized for each specific project and a proposal developed to reflect the unique circumstances of each customer. The start-up services typically have an elapsed duration of 4 – 8 weeks dependant on the required scope and complexity of the agreed deliverables.



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