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    2 Day Workshop

    Workshop Overview

    The ITerative Consulting Project Initiation Workshop provides the experienced insight and techniques necessary to ensure success in the management and delivery of enterprise class application development and integration projects. The workshop leverages our experience working closely with customers building and deploying significant applications using many different technologies.

    Many development projects fail in spite of the risks being well understood. This workshop highlights these risks at the outset enabling the project team to address them before they become debilitating issues that can lead to failure late into the project.

    Delivered over two days, the workshop is in lecture format and encourages interaction between the presenter and the participants. The workshop will be tailored for your specific project and organisation.

    The workshop is geared towards Project Managers, senior technical and development staff and System Managers. It assumes basic knowledge of project management techniques.


    Day 1
    Iterative Development
    Planning and Estimation
    Roles & Staffing
    Team Procedures

    Day 2
    Environment Management
    Technical Infrastructure
    Pre-Production Testing
    Conclusion & project recommendations

    The Project Initiation Workshop is presented in a classroom type facility for up to 10 participants

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