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    We provide two specific capabilities in Software & Application Architecture: Development of a comprehensive Architecture from ground up with the project team, or reviewing existing architectures.

    The Software Architecture review focuses on the technical design and implementation of the application and the primary deliverable from the review is a report comprised of an analysis and a set of recommendations. Additionally, we may spend time on items from the review that require follow-up or research and may recommend enhancements or modifications to the existing architecture.


    We provide this service either as an independent review for existing projects to assist in clarifying and finessing existing software development processes or as an implementation service at the beginning of a project to apply appropriate processes and tools to enable a coherent development process and create predictable outcomes for even the most complex project.


    ITerative Consulting consultants have had strong experience with the RUP software development methodology in large-scale projects. We can provide specific consulting and mentoring to project teams and organisations wanting to implement part or all of this comprehensive methodology to build robust, deterministic and repeatable processes into their software development projects.

    We can customise the RUP for individual projects to assure that the appropriate degree of software engineering process is applied to each unique project scenario to deliver the necessary balance between process and practicality dependant on the complexity of the specific project.


    Regular independent reviews are a critical risk management technique. Where an incremental development approach is employed it is useful to time these reviews to coincide with the transition between increments. We recommend a minimum two-day review every month to review any issues related to the use of the underlying technology. These two days will typically consist of one day of reviewing and a second day of feedback and coaching on review issues. We can also extend the coverage and detail of these reviews to provide a complete project Health Check service which typically requires 5 days on site interviewing the key stakeholders and reviewing key preformance indicators and success criteria.


    The J2EE project FastTrak Program is an intensive 5 or 10 day workshop designed to accelerate the learning process prior to a new team embarking on a complex project for the first time.  The program provides designers and developers extensive exposure to best practices of software engineering design, implementation, and deployment. The objective is to cover at a high level all aspects of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as they relate to your specific project to provide the entire development team with a solid understanding of the OO iterative development process. 

    Two ITerative Consulting consultants lead the project team through every aspect of the design, development and deployment of an end-to-end thin slice of the application. Interspersed with the development effort are lectures on important technical topics and seminar style case studies addressing common technical issues and best practices.


    We provide highly focussed consulting and mentoring services designed to establish best practices relating to all roles within Java/J2EE or Forte projects and to all phases of the project lifecycle. These services can be ongoing or can be targeted to specific aspects of the project such as QA plans, configuration management, analysis & design, etc.


    We provide a number of tailored education and workshop services, such as:

    Project Initiation Workshops

    This two day workshop is to identify and prepare for all organisational, planning, life cycle, infrastructure and deployment issues when embarking on your first complex project. It is aimed at project managers, project leaders, architects and other senior IT staff who will be associated with the project e.g. QA/Test managers and environment managers.

    OOAD Training & Education We provide customised Object Oriented Analysis & Design training to reflect the current level of knowledge within the organisation. The courses range from introductory through to advanced and covers the analysis and design of 'n' tier distributed object applications using Java.
    Patterns & Optimisation Courses

    A three-day course for Java which exposes the underlying architectures and addresses design and code patterns for optimising performance.

    Using the JMS API

    This one day course details both the Publish & Subscribe and Point-to-Point capabilities of the Java Message Service API and introduces Message Driven Beans and defining Queues and Topics.


    There are many architectural and technical considerations when either migrating to a pure Java environment or co-existing J2EE and Java with other legacy assets.

    Our consultants have worked on a number of projects where Java is the development platform of choice. We can provide consulting, guidance and migration strategies to enable organisations to move to the Java platform whilst retaining and leveraging the existing IT assets already in production on other platforms.

    Additionally we can provide guidance on how to architect J2EE applications to take full advantage of Java Application Servers and EJB architectures.

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